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New to Better Box Mailboxes? Welcome! If you have had a hard time finding the right decorative mailboxes for sale, you are not alone. We founded Better Box Mailboxes because we knew there was a gap in the marketplace that we could fill. We use prime cast aluminum as the core material, a nonferrous metal that is not susceptible to rust, and ensures our mailboxes will last a lifetime. The stainless and brass hardware is also rust-proof, and we seal the deal with a specially formulated DuPont finish. Our mailboxes are not intended to be temporary solutions that will start to get shaky as soon as the first strong wind or heavy rain comes along like some other brands of metal mailboxes. Better Box Mailboxes are built to last, and you will recognize this as soon as you hold one of our residential decorative mailboxes in your hands.

Here are some of the key features of our decorative mailboxes:

  • Heavy, handcrafted, cast aluminum mailbox construction that will never rust.
  • Beautifully designed with decorative and contemporary mailbox styles.
  • Optional locking mailboxes to keep your mail secure and safe.
  • Unique finish options such as Verde to replicate a wrought iron Victorian mailbox, as well as bronze, white, and classic black rural mailboxes.
  • Wall-mounted and residential decorative mailboxes available for purchase to fit any need.
  • Skillfully crafted and masterfully finished with a DuPont finish for metal mailboxes.
  • Quality that lasts a lifetime – 100% guaranteed!
  • Factory direct pricing and bulk discounts available on our decorative mailboxes for sale to resellers or home-owners associations.

Better Box Mailboxes would like to provide you with the last curbside decorative mailbox you will ever need. We are the supplier of mailboxes to residential and commercial consumers in all 50 States and countless fine golf and master planned communities. It’s our goal to help beautify America one mailbox at a time.

Everyone needs a Better Box Mailbox!