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Residential Mailboxes Honoring US Military Service Members and Veterans

The people here Better Box Mailboxes have a great deal of respect for active service members and veterans of the United States Armed Forces. These brave men and women put it all on the line to protect our country, and they make many sacrifices. We recognize their contributions, and we have taken action to honor the military within our residential mailbox product line.

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We manufacture cast aluminum mailboxes in our own production facility, so we have control of every step of the process. These contemporary residential mailboxes have just the right look to beautify the front of your home. If you want a locking mailbox, that option is available, and we offer magazine and newspaper boxes that can be added beneath the residential mailbox.

The hardware that we use is stainless steel and brass. These are metals that are not susceptible to rust, and aluminum is also a nonferrous element. When you combine these top-quality materials with the workmanship that our expert craftsmen bring to the table, you have residential mailboxes that will last for a very long time.

Though the quality is extraordinary, we have the ability to keep our prices low.  We have eliminated unnecessary intermediaries and ship directly from our facility in SC.  Plus, we never charge our customers for shipping and handling.

Getting back to the military, we offer five different residential mailboxes that are emblazoned with the logos of the respective branches of the military.  So if you feel a connection to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard you can display your commitment to service with a military mailbox standing proudly in front of your home.

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There are people that are reluctant to purchase things over the Internet. They have concerns about the availability of the company if they have any questions after they purchase products. This is somewhat understandable, and you should definitely be discerning when you buy things online.

With the above in mind, you can feel totally confident working with Better Box Mailboxes. We are headquartered in South Carolina, and we are committed to world class customer service every step of the way. Our products are guaranteed, and we are always available to make things right. If you are ready to ratchet up your curb appeal with a brand-new residential mailbox, visit our Shop Now page and follow simple directions.