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You have found the right website if you are looking for a post mailbox that may well last you for the rest of your life. Our company, Better Box Mailboxes, has made a firm commitment to top quality across the board. We started out on the quest to make a truly superior mailbox all the way back in 2002, and we have been steadily growing because of the positive impression we have made on our customers. Individual homeowners can rely on us for long-lasting, durable post mailboxes, and we also work with 

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decision-makers for discerning planned communities.

People often talk about the way that it was “in the good old days,” and this may sound kind of corny to some, but there were some advantages back in the day. You never heard the term “planned obsolescence,” but now companies actually manufacture things that are not intended to last for very long. This is because they want to sell you the newest version as soon as possible. 

They have their reasons, but here at Better Box Mailboxes, we have always taken a very different approach. We produce post mailboxes that are intended to last for decades, and if we sell you a second mailbox to replace the first one too quickly, we have failed.

Our manufacturing process is the key to the longevity of the products that we produce. Top-quality aluminum is utilized, and this is a nonferrous metal that does not rust or corrode over time. For the hardware, we use carefully selected brass and stainless steel, and these are also materials that will function perfectly for decades. A DuPont finish is added to provide an added layer of protection, so our post mailboxes welcome exposure to the elements.

When you hear about this level of durability, you may assume that we have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal in exchange for sturdiness. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Our post mailboxes are actually quite beautiful, and as we have stated, we have many high-end real estate developers on our client roster. These people do not settle for less than the very best, and this is exactly what they get through their partnership with our company.

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