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Five FAQs About Our Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

We named our company “Better Box” because we genuinely wanted to provide customers with products that are head and shoulders above the competition. If you order one of our mailboxes, we are quite confident that you will immediately recognize the fact that we create mailboxes that are sturdy, beautiful, and durable.

Our company prioritizes customer service, and we are always more than willing to answer questions about our products and services. In this blog post, we will take a look at five questions that we are frequently asked, and we will provide the answers.

Why did you choose to produce cast aluminum mailboxes?

This is a very good question. We decided to use cast aluminum because it is a nonferrous metal that will never rust. We want your mailbox to last for decades, and many mailboxes have to be replaced because they become rusty. Secondly, it is a material that is very strong, but not too heavy, so it provides the perfect balance.

How long will I have to wait if I order a cast aluminum mailbox from your company?

We understand the fact that many people are reluctant to buy things online because they do not want to wait around forever to see the product. When you place an order with us, we ship it out within 24 hours, so it will be in your hands in just a few days. Plus, we should point out the fact that we pick up the tab for shipping and handling.

Are these cast aluminum mailboxes guaranteed?

Better Box is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction, so yes, there is a guarantee. If you need some type of adjustment, we will make things right for you, and we also accept returns and exchanges.

Do you source the mailboxes from an outside manufacturer?

The answer to this question is a resounding no. We want to have control of every aspect of the manufacturing process, so our expert craftsmen do all the work at our own facility.

Can you lock these cast aluminum mailboxes?

It is not a standard feature, but you can order any of our mailboxes with a locking door as an add-on.

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