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Better Box Mailboxes is the leading provider of brick mailbox replacement doors on the Internet. The name of our company is not just a clever alliteration that has no actual substance. We started out in this business because we recognized the fact that there was a gap in the marketplace. The mailboxes and brick mailbox replacement doors that were being offered online simply did not make the cut. As far as we were concerned, the quality was lacking, and the designs were stale.

These products are still available, but now, you can actually purchase a better mailbox through our company. We offer a beautiful line of standalone curbside mailboxes, and they come in three different colors: bronze, white, black, and verde green. You can get mailboxes with paper boxes added, and we have locking mailboxes as well. People that want to recognize the armed forces can choose one of our military mailboxes, and we have collegiate mailboxes for fans and alumni of the University of South Carolina and Clemson.

How did we pick out these two particular institutions of higher learning? The answer to this question should be quite appealing if you like to buy from American companies. We are based in Simpsonville, South Carolina, so you are supporting a homegrown enterprise when you work with Better Box Mailboxes.

The reason why our mailboxes are superior to others is because of the fact that we go the extra mile during the production process. First, we source nothing but the finest raw aluminum on the marketplace. Though we work with top-notch materials, they are not going to be put to good use if the people doing the work are not highly trained professionals.

Our production team members are skilled artisans that use time-tested techniques to create our aluminum mailboxes and brick mailbox replacement doors by hand. This material will never rust, and we add a five-year UV electrostatic powder coated finish to provide an added layer of protection. They are available in three different sizes, and the installation process is very simple.

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