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Aluminum Mailboxes That Will Withstand the Test of Time

Our company produces aluminum mailboxes.  We are very passionate about the quality of the products that we manufacture. The nonferrous metal we use will never rest, and our aluminum mailboxes are treated with a special DuPont finish to provide an added layer of protection. We want your mailbox to last for the rest of your life, and every member of our team goes the extra mile to deliver on our promises to our customers. Judging from the positive feedback we receive, it would appear as though we are accomplishing our goals.

multi unit mailbox

We offer standard single curbside aluminum mailboxes, but our offerings do not stop there. If you  need a double mailbox, we have you covered, and we also have quadruple mailboxes in our inventory. You can choose between a number of different colors, including\ black, white, verde green, and bronze, so you will definitely be able to find an aluminum mailbox that fits in with the color of your home. A locking door is an option, and we can add a newspaper box that sits below the mailbox. Accessories like brass numbers, mailbox posts, and replacement parts like flags and side alerts can be purchased from us at any time after you place your initial order.

Customer Friendly Policies

The craftsmen that work at our production facility are highly skilled professionals that take a lot of pride in the work that they do, and it shows when you see the mailboxes that come out of our factory. This is one of the keys to our success, but we also do everything possible to satisfy our customers in other ways. If you place an order with us, it will ship within 24 hours, and many orders actually go out on the same day. Plus, you will never pay for shipping and handling when you order an aluminum mailbox from our company.

We have a total customer satisfaction guarantee in place, so we stand behind our work with confidence. If an adjustment is needed, we will make the necessary changes, and we also provide exchanges and returns, so you take no risks when you order an aluminum mailbox from Better Box.

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