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Aluminum Mailboxes Provide Multiple Benefits

We put a great deal of thought into our business model when we established Better Box Mailboxes. The name of the company says it all: We really wanted to produce something that was head and shoulders above the competition. At the end of the day, we feel as though we have achieved our goal with our aluminum mailboxes.

The material was carefully chosen for a number of different reasons. Let’s look at three of the benefits that aluminum mailboxes provide.

Creative Possibilities

Your mailbox is going to be one of the first things that people notice when they approach your home. It should be aesthetically appealing so that you can preserve your curb appeal. The contemporary mailboxes that we create are indeed quite beautiful, and the core material is a large part of it. We utilize top quality raw aluminum, and it is cast by expert artisans using traditional techniques. It is easy to work with, so there are countless creative possibilities. This is one of the reasons why our aluminum mailboxes are so attractive.


If you are going to use some type of metal to manufacture mailboxes, rust can be a problem. After all, the mailbox is going to be exposed to the elements day after day. We definitely took this into consideration when we were in the planning stages. The aluminum mailboxes that we offer will never rust, because aluminum is a nonferrous metal. Our hardware is also made out of nonferrous metals, so rusting won’t degrade our mailboxes.

Strong and Durable

Our aluminum mailboxes are very durable, and they are extremely strong. We have received correspondences from customers that say they have seen baseball bats left at the foot of mailboxes that were targeted by vandals. The aluminum mailboxes were still standing tall.


Though the mailboxes that we provide are tough as nails, they do not weigh a ton. Aluminum is very strong, and it will not rust, but it is a lightweight metal. It can be shaped without a lot of resistance, and the modest weight helps us keep our shipping costs down. As a result, we don’t have to charge our customers for shipping and handling.

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As you can see, aluminum mailboxes do in fact offer many different advantages. You can start to enjoy them if you browse through our Shop Now page and click on the mailbox that is right for you.