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Residential Mailboxes: Beware of the Impostors

Most of us here at Better Box Mailboxes have had the experience of buying something with a suspiciously low price tag that looked pretty good on the surface. This is something that you do when you are a child or a teenager, and you learn pretty quickly that all that glitters is not gold. You put out some money for the inferior product, and then you have to dig into your pocket to buy the real thing anyway after the cheapo imitation fails.

This dynamic applies to our business. We started producing top quality residential mailboxes all the way back in 2002. The name of our company wasn’t chosen by accident; we really wanted to manufacture better mailboxes, because there was an obvious void in the marketplace. As they say, if you build it, they will come, and we have grown by leaps and bounds over the years because of the quality of our decorative mailboxes.

If you fast-forward 16 years, we are now noticing that there are a lot of impostor companies popping up on the Internet offering curbside mailboxes. They look similar to the classic metal mailboxes that we have been producing for so very long. However, when you examine the materials that are used, and you look closely at the design, you can see many enormous differences.

You simply cannot match the quality that we produce if you cut corners with no real experience in the business. We source the best raw aluminum that is on the market, and it is cast by authentic craftsmen that have spent years learning the trade. The goal is to create mailboxes that will last a lifetime, so we utilize stainless and brass hardware. Our metal mailboxes never rust, because we use nothing but nonferrous metals, and we add a special protective DuPont finish as a final touch.

The knockoff merchants that produce cheap Victorian mailboxes without putting any genuine care into the production and the sourcing of materials are really doing people a disservice. We produce the real deal, and on top of that, we operate our business with full integrity. If you ever need us, we will be here for you to answer your questions and address any concerns that you may have.

When you work with Better Box Mailboxes, you are connecting with real people with genuine passion about the work that they do. If you are interested in purchasing a residential mailbox, take a look at our Shop Now page and follow the instructions if you are ready to take the next step.